State why microscopes are useful in the study of cell biology – Microscopes are useful in science, as you can view what is going on on a microscopic level. They are useful in biology, as you can see what is going on inside a cell. They are needed so you can see things what you […]

It’s been roughly four days since we set sail. We were aiming to arrive on Tuesday, but the storm created a big delay. We wanted to have a quick rest on Monday, but we thought it would be best to rush through, as we were passing by Somalia. Somalia was a country known for their […]

What are the main events and characters that most influence the power dynamics of the group in Lord of the Flies? An aspect to the influence of power dynamics in the Lord of the Flies is Roger. The reason Roger was influential to the power dynamics because Roger was willing to do work that Jack […]

By Yusuf & Daian Our topic is about the Middle East and why it is influential. Our four sub-questions explore how oil and religion plays a big part in the Middle East’s power. One of our sub-questions is ‘How does Isis manipulate religion in their favour?’. It is common knowledge that they follow an extreme […]

Main question: How is the middle east influential? Sub questions: How may oil be used as a reason for war? How does Saudi Arabia wield power? How has the need for oil elevated the Middle East’s position in the world? How does religion play a part in the Middle East’s power?

Power is maintained by Napoleon through many different methods. In my opinion, the most effective way is through intimidation. The reason I believe this is true is because after he kidnapped the dogs, everyone followed his lead. Napoleon wouldn’t have been leader on his own if it weren’t for the dogs. If the dogs weren’t […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway